WHO: Teams which qualify based upon completion of a seeding test to be offered on Sunday, August 8th 1999 in Boulder Colorado and other sites across the USA

WHAT: A double elimination tournament in a format similar to the GE College Bowl, that of two teams of up to four players each attempting first to answer a "tossup" question, where anyone can activate the lock-out buzzer system to answer the question being read. The tossup question typically requires a one-word or short answer response. When a question is correctly answered, a multi-part "bonus" is offered to the team from which the individual provided the correct response to the tossup. The topic areas for questions are in the realm of popular culture regarding film, television, sports, music, and topics such as literature, theater, dance, and other entertainment areas grouped under "miscellaneous". The questions primarily are derived from the 2nd half of this century, but at times may wander from this time period as appropriate.

WHERE: The Boulder Jaycees Depot
2275 30th Street, Crossroads Commons Shopping Center

PO Box 3037, High Mar Station, Boulder, Colorado 80307-3037

WHY: The glory of competition through appreciation of popular culture (film, television, sports, music, and miscellany) and the desire to exhibit prowess in knowledge of the same.

WHEN: Labor Day Weekend 1999

Friday September 3rd 7pm-midnight

Saturday September 4th 11am-4pm

Leaving time for FOOTBALL ( CU vs CSU Mile High Classic )

Sunday September 5th 11am-midnight (end of 16 team tourney)

Or Monday September 6th 10am-5pm (end of 24 team tourney)


Contact Paul Bailey (303)-520-0200 or email