Dateline: Boulder, Colorado Sunday, September 5th, 1999

Kings Beaver defeats Smiley Guys 315-260 to win Trivia Bowl 1999

In a close fought game indicative of all the final playoff competition,
Kings Beaver, composed of Ed Toutant, Rick Crane, Mark Ryder, and Sandy
McVie defeated the Smiley Guys, which are Dave Gatch, Mark Vincent,
Steve Conklin, and Jim Frey. The game was neck and neck to near the
end, when a miscellaneous question was asked: You're ready to start
planning your vegetable and flower gardens because you've just gotten
your catalog in the mail from the oldest seed company in America. What
is that company's name? Ed Toutant correctly answered "Burpee" and the
final bonus question used the remaining time on the clock. No team
remained undefeated in competition, as Y-2-Kool did beat Kings Beaver in
the qualification round, but were later upset in the quarter final round
by Mixed Up Renae Foxhovens, which won only one game during their
qualification round but had woke up enough to play better in the

Ron Fitz (of the Foxhoven Team) won the All-Star game, by correctly
answering the most tossups (11 out of 50 possible) against 7 other
worthy opponents, including Lori Bailey, Andy Schneidkraut, Mike Darden,
Ann Woodyard, Mark Hotchkiss, Leon Elkins, and Leonard Fahrni.

The Semi-finals saw Kings Beaver defeating Pikes Pique 295 - 265, and in
the other semi-finals an all "Basement Bowl" group saw the Smiley Guys
defeat Mixed Up Renae Foxhovens 365 - 260.

The Quarter-final matches were:
Pikes Pique 330 - A Few Gort Men 245
Smiley Guys 290 - Oh My God, They've Killed Kenny G. Kewl! 230
Kings Beaver 305 - Ramona Vibrates Pasta Man 260
Mixed Up Renae Foxhovens 310 - Y-2-Kool 260

Results of the qualification rounds were
Saturday Qualifier
Y-2-Kool 4-0 Randy Jay, John Mrkvica, Leon Elkins and Steve Rosen
defeated Kings Beaver (eventual champion) 445-280
defeated Oh My God, They've Killed Kenny G...Kewl! 295-290,
defeated A Few Gort Men 295-260, and
defeated Avatars 405-20.
Kings Beaver 3-1Ed Toutant, Rick Crane, Mark Ryder, Sandy McVie, Alt.
Judy Julien
defeated A Few Gort Men 235-100,
defeated Oh My God, They've Killed Kenny G. Kewl! 295-255, and
defeated Avatars 305-95.
Oh My God, They've Killed Kenny G. Kewl! 2-2 George Doro, Brian Ibbot,
Ann Woodyard, Mark Hotchkiss
defeated A Few Gort Men 365-340, and
defeated Avatars 540-100.
A Few Gort Men 1-3 Matt Anctil, Jim Fuller, Rick Fendel, Lori Bailey
defeated Avatars 255-95.
Avatars 0-4 Dan Hogan, Preston Slaughter, Garret Leahy, Harrison Fox
did not win a game but learned how the system works, improved with each
game, and had fun - the whole point of this excercise anyway!

Sunday Qualifier
Pikes Pique 4-0 Bill Province, Dan Rector, Sean Anglum, Tom Paradise
defeated Smiley Guys 325-265,
defeated Ramona Vibrates Pasta Man 405-165,
defeated Mixed Up Renae Foxhovens 255-140, and
defeated Judge & Jury 350-120.
Smiley Guys 3-1 David Gatch, Mark Vincent, Steve Conklin, James Frey,
Alt. John Jirikowic
defeated Ramona Vibrates Pasta Man 335-135,
defeated Mixed Up Renae Foxhovens 360-155, and
defeated Judge & Jury 480-40.
Ramona Vibrates Pasta Man 1-3
defeated Mixed Up Renae Foxhovens 265-245 in Overtime. They got the
third seed due to tiebreakers head to head with Foxhoven
Mixed Up Renae Foxhovens 1-3 Leonard Fahrni, Ron Fitz, Patty Hutton, Bob
defeated Judge & Jury 465 - 45. They qualified for the playoffs along
with Ramona from the three way tie based upon the 2nd tiebreaker, more
points among the group of opponents tied.
Judge & Jury 1-3 Bill Shantz, Luis Corchado, Kate Siegert, Jim Luerrsen;
alt Amy Harmon
defeated Ramona Vibrates Pasta Man 240-155 but based upon a lower total
points in the 2nd tiebreaker did not make the playoffs. What may have
cost this team new to quizbowl format some points was their early
unfamiliarity with the buzzer system, but their improvement was steady
and they will be even more competitive next time.

I don't have the list in front of me of the Hall-Of-Fame selections and
Category All-Stars (as compiled by Bob Reed) but I will forward that

Thank you for supporting Trivia Bowl 1999. Something that started as an
idea on an email message from February has now come to fruition. I
first would like to thank the Boulder Jaycees for their support of the
project through their donation of use of the historic Depot building, to
the University of Colorado Program Council for use of their equipment,
to Excessive Entertainment and the Head-to-Head Trivia Challenge for
support in promoting the event, to Lefthand and Tabernash Brewing
Company for providing hospitality, and especially to all of the members
of all of the teams mentioned, many of whom have traveled a great
distance to be here. Our main purpose is to have fun, but accomplish
that a large number of people have contributed to the ideas, questions
and answers (both new and archive), logistics, and elbow grease to make
it happen (please forgive me if I have missed any names)
Tom Adams
Bob Ahrens
JC Ancell
Matt Anctil
Peter Andress
Sean Anglum
Christopher Antley
David Bailey
Lori Bailey
Allison Bergamo
Jim Bernath
Bradley Cohen
Steven Coppel
Luis Corchado
Richard Crane
Mike Darden
Andrew Davidson
George Doro
Pat Downey
Bob Downs
Larry Dreiling
Ben Eden
Leon Elkins
Richard Engel
Leonard Fahrni
Rick Fendel
Larry Ferguson
Ben Fernandez
Ron Fitz
Bill Flinchbaugh
Cori Flinchbaugh
Renae Foxhoven
Jim Fuller
David Gatch
Michael Gessner
Mark Goldstein
Dean Greever
David Hagler
Ray Hamel
Bronson Hilliard
Bill Hirsch
Leo Hirsch
Charlene Hooker
Mark Hotchkiss
Patty Hutton
Donovan Jacobs
Randy Jay
Dale Jellings
Mike Judson
Judy Julien
Jason Katzman
Sander Klein
Dick Kreck
Wendy Kruger
Charles Luce
Jack Mann
Jon Martinez
Sandy McVie
Greg Moody
Fred Moore
John Mrkvicka
Jim Noland
Gabby Olivares
Mitch O'Connell
Paul Paquet
Tom Paradise
Sandi Frost Parrish
Skip Partridge
Bill Province
Andy Rathmann
Dan Rector
Bob Reed
Mike Roberts
Dana Rodriquez
Steven Rosen
Mark Ryder
Bill Schantz
Andy Schneidkraut
Jason Sillay
Mark Spinnato
Ed Toutant
Cody Van Arsdale
Mark Vincent
Alec Warner
Mark Whelan
Jerry White
Mike Wirth
Peter Ziskin

And a cast of thousands!

Many thanks also go to the Basement Bowl, The Allentown Bowl, Kings-X
Trivia, and all the others who produce events that promote trivia