Time Limit 1 HOUR, 2 Points for Correct Answers, 1 Point for Partial Answers, 0 Points for No or Incorrect Answers
Individual Testing, with No Reference Materials or Conference

Miscellaneous questions


1. President Clinton and Kenneth Starr were co-winners of Time Magazineís "1998 Man of the Year." Who was chosen as Esquire Magazineís "1998 Dubious Man of the Year?"

2. Who is the only person ever to have received the key to the City of Denver?

3. Chad Alvarez, the son of University of Wisconsin football coach Barry Alvarez, is currently facing one count of burglary and one count of felony mistreatment of animals for what senseless and heinous act?


4. What is the appropriate name of the wacky senator in the comic strip Shoe?

5. Heaviní Steven, Dead Ted, Windy Mindy, and Adam Bomb were among the gross characters in a series of collectible stickers based upon a 1980's popular line of toys. Identify the brand of stickers.

6. What were Garfield the Catís first words?


7. What was the price on Minnie Pearlís hat?

8. Agatha Christieís detective Hercule Poirot hailed from what European country?

9. What novel achieved the unprecedented feat of topping the best-seller lists twice in a row for the years 1972 and 1973?


10. What writer was arrested for stabbing his wife at the party that was supposed to kick off his NYC mayoral campaign on 11/20/60?

11. What notorious American historical figure once owned strip joints named the Carousel Club and the Vegas Club in Dallas, Texas?

12. Which President once owned two beagles named "Him" and "Her?"


13. Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, and Kyle Rayner are among the men who have worn the garb of what DC Comics superhero?

14. What radio cowboy was the leader of the "Ralston Straightshooters?"

15. What delusional fictional character rode on a nag named "Rosinante" while insisting that the horse was really a noble charger?



Television questions


16. What is the title of the Seinfeld episode where the principal characters try to see who can go the longest without self-gratification?

17. Complete the following line: "They killed Kenny!"

18. Who was the last guest to appear on the Tonight Show hosted by Johnny Carson that wasnít a regular cast member of the show?


19. Former NBC executive Brandon Tartikoff once developed a show based on the two word phrase "MTV cops." What program evolved from this concept?

20. Ray Sharkey, Fred Dalton Thompson, Robert Davi, and Kevin Spacey all appeared as bad guys on what vastly underrated 1980ís television show?

21. Unconvicted mass-murderer O.J. Simpson played the part of "Norberg" in the Naked Gun movies. Who originated the part in the Police Squad TV series?


22. The pioneering junk sports program the Superstars was filmed in what Florida retirement community?

23. What was the title of the TV movie based on the pop singing duo Jan and Dean?


24. The regular cast of NBCís Saturday Night Live were originally given what six word collective title?


25. In what state was the Andy Griffith Show set?

26. His character was named "Fred Johnson" and he was played by Bill Raisch, but you would probably better know this notorious TV character by what three-word phrase?

27. Which non-prime time TV show has won the most Emmy Awards ever awarded, a mind boggling 71?


28. What is the longest running daytime drama currently on TV?

29. Rick Nelson first sang on the Ozzie and Harriet Show in April of 1957. What Fats Domino cover song did he perform?

30. In April 1953, a three-month old boy appeared on the first cover of TV Guide. What is his name?



Sports Questions


31. Which NFL head coach has the longest tenure with his current team?

32. Had he not tragically fallen to his death, Owen Hart (R.I.P.) would have wrestled that night at Kemper Arena as what quasi-superhero character?

33. Which Scottish golfer completed a 10 stroke comeback on the final day of competition to win the 1999 British Open?


34. What is the name of the only thoroughbred to finish second in all three legs of the Triple Crown?

35. Everyone knows that the Houston Rockets took Hakeem Olajuwon with the first pick of the 1983 NBA draft. What team blundered spectacularly by choosing Sam Bowie instead of Michael Jordan with the second pick of the draft?

36. Cal Ripken began his consecutive game streak playing third base for the Orioles. Before he switched to shortstop, who was the Bird's starting third baseman the game immediately prior to the commencement of Ripken's streak?



37. What gymnast was the first to score a perfect 10 in Olympic competition?

38. Who was the last major league manager to be traded for a player?

39. Who is the only man who played on a World Cup soccer champion to subsequently coach his country's team to a championship?


40. Pete Maravich is the only man to average 40 points per game his entire college career. What man finished second to "Pistol" Pete all three years that he lead the NCAA in scoring?

41. What trophy is given to the best goalie each year in the NHL?

42. Who is the only man to win the tennis Grand Slam twice?


43. In what city was Wilt Chamberlain playing when he scored 100 points in an NBA game?

44. Who was the only Heisman Trophy winner to play for a team with a losing record the year he won the award?

45. Who is the only man to be elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame twice, once as a player and once as a coach?



Movie questions


46. What international film star made his American movie debut in the Replacement Killers?

47. What 1996 David Spade/Chris Farley turkey is reportedly the first movie that noted film critic Gene Siskel ever walked out of?

48. In 1997 and 1998, two Elmore Leonard novels (Rum Punch/Jackie Brown and Out of Sight) were made into two decent films. What actor played FBI agent Ray Nicolet in both movies?


49. By what nickname would you better know Naval Lieutenant Pete Mitchell?

50. What 1981 smash-hit featured SCTV alums Joe Flaherty, Dave Thomas, Harold Ramis, and John Candy in supporting roles?

51. Michael Beihn has appeared in three James Cameron movies. What physical affliction has pained him in each movie?


52. What four-word phrase, whether it takes the form of a line of dialogue or a set decoration, can be found in almost every movie made by John Landis?

53. According to the Internet Movie Data Base, what formerly troubled ex-child star was originally offered the role of Regan MacNeil in the Exorcist?

54. In a memorable scene from the movie American Grafitti, Charles Martin Smith's Toad tries to trick a liquor store clerk into selling him a pint of hooch. Specifically, what brand does he ask for?


55. Identify the following movie from it's clever tag line: This is Benjamin. He's a little worried about his future.

56. What 1966 drama became the first movie to have it's entire cast nominated for an Academy Award?

57. The only year in the 60's that Walt Disney didn't have one of the top five grossing movies was the same year that Bullitt, Funny Girl, and Oliver! were released. Name the year.


58. What was Fay Wray's character named in the movie King Kong?

59. Besides Titanic, what is the only movie to win 11 Academy Awards?

60. The palomino horse that Olivia DeHaviland rode in the 1938 film the Adventures of Robin Hood was one of the most famous equine actors in movie history. Name him.



Music questions


61. What early 90's group featured two junior high rappers wearing backward clothes?

62. Michael Portnoy disrupted Bob Dylan's performance at the 1998 Grammy Awards by running onstage and "dancing." What strange two-word phrase was written on his chest?

63. According to the latest issue of Spin magazine, the album Nevermind is the greatest of the 1990's. What pioneering grunge band performed this masterpiece?


64. On Sunday, 7/13/85, one of the acts playing in the Philadelphia portion of Live Aid performed the #1 song in the USA. Identify this mostly british quintet.

65. A sample from what Van Halen song forms the backbeat for the Ton Loc smash hit "Wild Thing?"

66. The number one single of the 1980's (according to Billboard) is what song?


67. How did the musical group ABBA get its' name?

68. Answer the following musical question: Q. Are We Not Men?

69. Jackson Browne has two top 10 hits to his credit. One of those songs is "Somebody's Baby." What is the other song?


70. What is the best known song performed by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock?

71. Which musical artist had the most top 10 singles without having a song reach #1?

72. What 60's trashy footnote anticipated the coming of "shock rock" with his use of a flaming helmet, and the use of organs and sound effects on his lone hit "Fire?"


73. Sheb Wooley is probably best known for his novelty hit "Purple People Eater," but in what well-known western movie did he play whiskey-drinking killer Ben Miller?

74. The words engraved on the tombstone of the father of Phil Spector are the same as the title of the only #1 song ever recorded by his group the Teddy Bears. What are these words?

75. A famous songwriter/novelist died recently of a heart attack. He wrote the country songs "One's on the Way" and "A Boy Named Sue," as well as the famous children's book The Giving Tree? Identify this talented man.


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76. Who was the first person to be inducted into both the rock and country music halls of fame?


77. In 1964, this band got $2,400 to play The Ed Sullivan Show and in 1978, Saturday Night Live offered them a raise ... $3,000 ... for a live reunion. Which band was this?


78. The Last Waltz of the Tyrants is a metaphysical book edited by Judi Pope Koteen was what band said their last goodbye in a 1978 movie called The Last Waltz?


79. What famous backup band was named for a street in Belmar, New Jersey?


80. This rock band is famous for its beards. The only member of the band who doesnít have a beard is, ironically enough, named Frank Beard. What is this band?



81.In a movie called Kingís Row, he played a playboy amputee who asks, "Whereís the rest of me?" Who is he?


82. Humphrey Bogart as Charlie Allnut. What was the name of the movie of Bogart's only Oscar winning role?


83. What movie included as its unlikely co-stars Lawrence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe?


84. Plan 9 From Outer Space is widely considered the worst movie of all time. Who directed it?


85. This Chicago-based film critic does not review any of Russ Meyerís movies because he co-wrote Beyond The Valley of the Dolls. Who is the critic?




86. At number 28 on the ESPN 50 Greatest Athletes of the Century, this running back helped popularize pro football. He was so hard to catch, his fans called him the Galloping Ghost. Who was he?

87. In 1955, French driver Pierre Levegh was going 180 mph when he swerved to avoid the car in front of him. Instead, he hit a wall, his car exploded and 77 people died. What was the race?

88. He was on his way to becoming the greatest pitcher ever, until chronic arthritis in his left elbow forced him to pass up a guaranteed salary for 1967 and simply walk away. Who was this L.A. Dodgers pitcher who had wanted to be an architect?

89. He set a record by scoring 58 points for Princeton in a 1965 game against Wichita State, and later became a US Senator. Who is he?

90. In 1999, Atlanta got an NHL franchise named for a bird. What is it?


91. He grew up at 328 Chauncey Street in Brooklyn, and Ralph Kramden lived there too. Name him.

92. The state of mind for Yosemite Sam if he were actually in Yosemite National Park, listening to the Mommas and the Pappas, might infer the name HBO Series starring Brian Benben as Martin Tupper.

93. On Gilliganís Island, what was the Skipperís real name? 94. John Philip Sousaís The Liberty Bell became the theme to a very popular British TV show. Which one?95. In which city would you have found WJM-TV and its associate news producer, Mary Richards?MISCELLANEOUS96. Britt Reid was the secret identity of the Green Hornet. But Britt Reid was supposed to be the great-grand-nephew of another hero. Who?97. Norman Rockwell painted more than 300 covers for which magazine?

98. In 1983, the what German magazine was tricked into buying forgeries of Adolph Hitler's diaries?

99. In 1989, a little pink bunny, complete with drum and sunglasses, stormed out of its own ad and into fake spots for coffee, sinus remedies and wine. What brand was the bunny selling you?

100. John F. Kennedy, Jr. had a politics and style magazine called George. For the debut issue in 1995, who graced the cover, dressed as George Washington?